How do I access or provide access to somone else's OneDrive for Business site?


A person's OneDrive for Business site is secured against access by other people from the company by default (with the exception of the Shared with Everyone folder in the default Documents library).

Sometimes it is necessary to access this site - whether after the employee moves on to another company, for compliance reasons, et cetera.

This process will allow the SharePoint administrator give access to a person's OneDrive for Business site to another individual.

First, sign in to SharePoint Administration console at https://[company] Obviously, you need to be a SharePoint Administrator to do this.

Click on 'user profiles' to switch to the User Profiles area.

Now click on Manage User Profiles, and type in the name of the person you wish to find


Hover over the profile name in the list and click to get the context menu, and click on Manage site collection owners.

Edit owner membership by adding people you wish to have full access to the individual's OneDrive for Business site

Save your changes


Click on the profile menu again to display the context menu, and choose Manage Personal Site to visit the site and share the URL with the people you just added as collection owners.


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