Managing Conversations in Outlook Web App on Office 365


About half of Outlook users who come to the system from other email solutions get really confused by an Outlook feature called Conversations.

Outlook Conversations group email based on, well, the email conversation. In many systems email is displayed in a linear fashion:

- RE: Hi Mom!

- RE: Hello from dad

- Buy this thing here that I sell - it's on SALE!

- Hello from dad

- Hi Mom!

Outlook's Conversations will turn the list above into something like this:

> RE: Hi Mom!

> RE: Hello from dad

- Buy this thing here that I sell - it's on SALE!

Naturally, some folks might think that the original emails that were sent (Hi Mom! and Hello from dad) have disappeared.

They have not.

Outlook Web App instead grouped them under the RE: Hi Mom! an RE: Hello from dad headings, grouping related messages together so they're easier to find, and added a wee triangle/arrow to the left that allows you to expand the conversation.

TIP: If you're using Outlook (for desktop) your sent mail is also shown in the conversation, so you can see not only what's been sent to you but your responses as well - click on the triangle/arrow again after expanding the conversation to include your messages as well.

Here's how it looks in Outlook Web App:

And here's how you can change the view to remove conversations:

  1. Click on Conversations by Date selector above your mail
  2. Click on Off at the bottom of the drop-down.

Don't be afraid of conversations, though. They do make it easier to see the entire thread of emails about a topic!




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