Accessing network locations via VPN does not provide access to all files and folders



When accessing network locations (\\server\share) via VPN, you only see a subset of folders and files available there or none at all.

You've verified that permissions are set correctly, and you can see all the files and folders when connected to the network locally.


One likely cause is that the Offline Files feature in Windows is enabled, and is not detecting your connection to the network properly. Thus it may be only showing you files that are available to you offline, and if none are, then no files may be shown.


To disable Offline Files, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the Sync Center (Start > Run > Sync Center or Search > Sync Center)
  2. Click on Manage offline files on the left-hand side
  3. Click on Disable offline files (this requires administrative permissions)
  4. Reboot

Note that if you disable offline files you will not be able to access network resources while disconnected from the network.


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    James Avis

    So the solution to Offline Files not connecting by VPN is to disable Offline Files? How about fixing it?

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