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Yammer logoIn case you didn't know, Yammer is the social network solution Microsoft acquired to augment their own SharePoint-focused social strategy. Discussing all the strengths (and weaknesses) of the current integration of Yammer with existing Microsoft products is outside the scope of this article. For more information, check out these Yammer search results.

If your organization uses multiple domains (as do many), you probably want to have a single social network to collaborate and communicate with all the users, regardless of the domain. By default, Yammer sets up a network per domain, so for example, if you have contoso.com and fabrikam.com as your domains, you end up with two disparate networks, which do not share users and present problems if you attempt to integrate Yammer into your SharePoint online portal.

The process of combining the networks is not very well documented or even explained as a 'thing' that you can do, so it took me a while to arrive at even just the right search keywords to find what I was looking for.

The terms that produced desired results are "merge networks" - because that's what you need to do in order to have a single network out of many. Makes sense, in retrospect :).

So, how do you merge Yammer networks? Right now, you have to create a support request for your Office 365 tenant, and the process works as follows:

  1. Create a support request
  2. Receive an email and a call back from Microsoft support (they are very responsive; I got my callback within the hour)
  3. Verify that merging networks is what you want to do
  4. Receive a form from Microsoft support that prompts you to provide your primary network domain and any secondary network domains that will be merged into the primary domain
  5. Respond with the filled out form
  6. Receive a confirmation from Microsoft that the request is being escalated to the Yammer team (the email address indicates that it's 1.5 level support :), which is amusing), and that they Yammer team will reach out for a final confirmation before the merge
  7. Wait

Once this process is complete, the data from your secondary networks will be removed and the networks will be merged into the primary domain. It looks as though you would lose data from your secondary networks during this merge, so if you have anything important on those networks that you need to keep (files, for example, or conversations), you should back those up by exporting from the old networks prior to the merge (here's how).

I'll update the article once I have the merge complete for my networks.


The merge, in my case, took less than a week to take place (possibly less, but I did not stay on top of the process and so don't know exactly when it was completed). I've had no problems with the merged network, so it's a safe way to move forward (assuming you backed up your secondary network if you needed to save the data).

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    Have you got this issue resolved? If so, how many domain you got merged and how much Microsoft took to reolve your ticket. We are also in the same situation. Your advice will be highly appreciated.

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    Ilya Lehrman


    the networks were merged successfully, and I haven't experienced any issues. I merged two domains, and they were merged within 7 days. I apologize for the delay in responding - turns out article comments were being filtered out of my Inbox!

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    Zohair Yousafi

    Hi Ilya,

    I have a basic Yammer account and I am logged in as the Administrator. How can I submit a request to merge two networks? Yes I read the article and yes I read that I need to create a support request; however how do you go about doing that? The only options I see are "paid support options" and the amount, it seems, is quite excessive. Can you please help me?

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