How do I make my links look nice in my email?


Let's face it, there are lots of ugly things on the Internet. There are also lots of awesome things, but long URLs are not one of them. And yet sometimes you have to share these URLs with coworkers, or even friends and family! You don't really want to put half a paragraph of unsightly close-spaced characters with ampersands and percent signs and slashes and dots and all those other things in an email and send it out, do you?

No, of course you don't.

Watch this brief video to learn how to take that ugly long URL and hide it behind a pretty title. The video assumes that you're using an HTML-capable email client such as Microsoft Outlook, but most other email clients support a similar process, and you can even use this approach in other office software such as Microsoft Word.

Check it out:

Pro tip:

Use the following keyboard shortcuts perform the task in the video in about 4 seconds instead of 30:

F4 to go to the address bar; Control+C to copy; Alt+Tab to switch to email; Ctrl+Shift+Left Arrow to select a word quickly; Control+K to open the hyperlink window; Control+V to paste URL; Enter to close dialog box.

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