How does OneDrive for Business synchronize files with your local PC?


How OneDrive for Business sync worksOmar sent in a support request the other day, wondering how OneDrive for Business (ODB) decides what to sync with your local PC. The reason it's a relevant question is because ODB gives you 1TB of storage.

If your local PC has limited disk space, synchronizing your large ODB document library will be quite problematic as you can easily run out of disk space.

First, here's some information that is interesting, but almost completely irrelevant to the actual answer. It's interesting because it gives you an idea of what happens behind the scenes to make the sync process possible:

Ok, now on to the real answer:

ODB doesn't prioritize anything for synchronization. It's a fire-hose sync up from your PC and down from ODB in the cloud. If you're concerned about disk space, your best bet is not to synchronize your OneDrive for Business cloud space.

If you'd like to stop synchronization, follow these steps:

Right-click the ODB icon in your taskbar's notification area (it may be hidden, so if you don't see it, click on the wee triangle button to the left of the notification area).

This will bring up the context menu for ODB:

Select your OneDrive for Business location, and click on Stop syncing:

OneDrive for Business will continue to sync other SharePoint document libraries that you may have selected for sync.

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