How do I Get Started with OneDrive for Business?


Microsoft OneDrive for Business is different from the consumer version of OneDrive (see this article for additional details and comparison). 

It quickly integrates into your individual document workflows, increasing productivity in the long run. This tutorial will act as a guide and a reference for using OneDrive for Business and will cover:

  • Client installation
  • File upload
  • Editing uploaded files
  • File sharing


1. Begin by navigating to, and sign in with your Office 365 account.


2. Next, after the main Outlook web version page has loaded, click on the Gear Icon in the top right hand corner of the page. Click Office 365 Settings at the bottom of the dropdown menu.


3. Click on Software, and all software that your organization provides through Office 365 will be available for installation.


4. On the left hand side of the page, click on the OneDrive tab.


5. Install the recommended version by clicking Install.


6. Run the Installer, and proceed through the various prompts.

7. Voila! Microsoft OneDrive for Business has been successfully installed.


Uploading Files

1. After installing OneDrive for Business, Launch the Program via the start menu. The program's status indicator will be hidden in the task bar.

Note: If your administrator has designated a default SharePoint library for use in OneDrive, normally a user's personal site, a prompt will appear asking to sync the contents of the online folder to your local machine.

2. Click the Up Arrow on the taskbar to expand hidden running programs. Right Click the OneDrive for Business icon (blue clouds) and a context menu will appear.  

3. Click on Sync a New Library and a prompt will appear.

4. Designate a SharePoint Library for synchronization to SharePoint and your computer by pasting the URL of the library into the appropriate text field.

5. Simply Drag and Drop documents into the designated synchronizing folder and they will appear in their corresponding SharePoint libraries.


Note: You can also upload files directly from your SharePoint Library by clicking Upload and selecting the file(s).


Editing Uploaded Files

Note: All changes made in the local synchronizing folder apply to the corresponding SharePoint site. It is the easiest way to edit files active in OneDrive for Business because you edit synchronizing files as you would files in windows.

1. If you choose to edit documents online, first Select the File in your synchronizing library and the "Edit," "Manage," and "Share" functions will become available.

2. Edit opens the select file(s) on your desktop.

3. Manage opens a drop down menu that allows you to "View Properties," "Edit Properties," "Check Out," "Compliance Details," "Workflows," "Download a Copy," "Follow," "Shared With," and "Delete."


Sharing Files

 Warning about sharing : While the method shown here will allow you to share documents, it may not be best practice if you consistently need to share documents with a group of individuals. In this case you need to create groups and share the document library or folder with that group. Team sharing of groups of documents is out of scope for this discussion. The method described here is best suited for occasional sharing with a single individual - instead of emailing a document, for example.

1. Navigate to the SharePoint Library containing the file(s) that you wish to share.

2. Select the file that you want to share and click on Share. A prompt will appear with text fields that allow you to enter e-mail addresses, names, or 'everyone'. A text field for a message is below, and is optional. 

Note: A Drop Down Menu Controls permissions-- can the targeted users edit or only view the document?

3. A checkbox labeled "Require sign-in" allows you to Require Viewers or Editors to Sign In or view the document freely, depending on the nature of the document.

4. A tab reading "Get a Link" allows you to Create a Sharable Link, allowing users to only view the document, or edit the document if you so choose.

 TIP: This is a GREAT option for sharing documents by email - instead of inserting an attachment, get a View Only link and send it to the person


That's it!

By following these steps you will have learned how to use OneDrive for Business successfully. You now know how to install the OneDrive for Business client, upload and edit documents, and share documents with colleagues and clients. 

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