Using Apps for Outlook to Extend Functionality and Features


Microsoft Outlook 2013 offers many e-mail, calendaring, and contact management features - both on the desktop and on the web. Microsoft also allows developers to extend it by providing new features that make Outlook even more useful.

For example, LinkedIn develops an Outlook app that pulls profile data from their servers and conveniently integrates it with both the desktop and web versions of Outlook. Utilizing apps like these can help increase productivity and workflow.

Another example of extending Outlook to provide functionality missing in Outlook Web App is the 'Share A Contact' app written by inWorks LLC. It works on the desktop version of Outlook 2013, and its web app equivalent through either Exchange 2013 or Office 365. It simplifies the process of sharing a contact by displaying a button at the top of each e-mail message in Outlook.

When you install an app, it becomes available to you in the email message or calendar entry via the grey app bar:

After selecting 'Share A Contact,' a list of contacts appears along with a field requiring the recipients' e-mail address.

 Click the Send button and your contact's .vcf  is sent as an attachment.

More apps for Outlook can be found on the Microsoft Office Store - take a look! All the apps are currently free, although some require a subscription to the service which they integrate into Outlook.

If you have questions about Outlook apps and how you can use them in your organization, please let us know!

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