How do I manage my contacts in the Global Address List?


NOTE: The process of managing contacts in the Global Address List (GAL) is typically delegated to IT administrators with sufficient permissions to create the necessary directory objects. This article does not address the steps necessary to delegate these permissions to non-IT admin personnel, and instead shows how to manage contacts in Exchange Administrative Center (formerly known as Exchange Control Panel) - assuming that permissions have already been delegated. For assistance with delegation, or if you are unable to follow steps in this article, please create a new support request for our helpdesk.

To manage external contacts located in your GAL, follow the steps outlined below.

Sign in to the Exchange Administrative Center (EAC) by navigating to Depending on your level of access you will either see the management dashboard or be directed to the first management feature available to you. In the screenshot below, you see the Mailbox list view.

Click on Contacts (circled in the image above) to get to the Contacts view:

To create a contact, click on the + button (circled in the image above), and choose Mail Contact:

In the New Mail Contact dialog box, fill out contact details. Pay special attention to the Alias field. My suggestion is that you start the alias for the new Contact with "Contact." prefix and concatenate the full name to make the rest of the alias. While not strictly necessary, this will help ensure that contact alias entries are different from other types of entries, and possibly assist in future bulk operations.

Click on the Save button. The new contact will be created and placed in your GAL. Keep in mind that it will not be immediately available - the Offline Address Book (used by default to display GAL entries) will be updated the following morning (by default), at which point it will be available to clients. Outlook Web App users will see the change right away, and users can switch from Offline Global Address List to Global Address List manually, if the need to.

Other actions:

  • To Edit a contact, click on the pencil button in the toolbar
  • To Search for a contact, click on the Looking Glass button in the toolbar and enter a few letters of a name
    • To make the search more precise, you can constrain it by property as follows:
      • Alias:Contact.Ja will find all contacts that have an alias that starts with Contact.Ja (such as Contact.James, Contact.Jane, etc.)
      • DisplayName:Jeff
      • FirstName:Ilya
      • LastName:Smith
  • To Delete a contact, select a contact and click the Trashcan icon
  • To display other columns in the view, click the ellipsis (...) button on the far right, and click on Add/Remove Columns - then choose the columns you wish to display.
  • To Export list to CSV, click on the ellipsis (...) button on the far right, and click on Export data to a CSV File







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