Get FREE support - here's how


Add us to your Office 365 subscription, and get free helpdesk support for 3 help requests. There are no costs to you, and you'll get Expert Advisor service for any three problems that come your way.

Here's what you'll get:

You get triage of your problem to determine severity, then we try to resolve your issue quickly by suggesting things to try and following up, and then, if that fails, we'll spend some time with you using a screen-sharing session to attempt resolution. We'll do our best to help - free!

Some problems do take a while to fix, so while this free offer can address many support issues, some will be outside of its intended scope :) - in that case, we will offer an estimate for effort required to address it, and you can choose what to do next.

Want to try it out? Simply create a new help request for your issue, and add us to your Office 365 subscription!

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