Slow Outlook 2011 for Mac


Slow, Unresponsive Outlook 2011 for Mac Solution

After countless emails and backups, Outlook 2011 for Mac might begin to slow down, become unresponsive, or simply not work like it used to. However, a straightforward solution is easily implementable.

Problems: Outlook doesn’t run like it used to.

Programs used: Finder, Outlook 2011 For Mac, Microsoft Database Utility



 1.       Ensure all programs are closed except for Finder.

 2.       Navigate to your “Documents” folder.

 3.       Open the “Microsoft User Data” folder.

 4.       Control-click or right-click the “Office 2011 identities” folder, and then select “Duplicate”.


 5.       Hold down the “Option” key on the keyboard (the Windows key if using a 3rd party keyboard) and click on the “Outlook 2011 Icon” to open the “Microsoft Database Utility”. An alternative way of accessing this application is by opening the “Application Folder” next opening the “Microsoft Office 2011 Folder”. Then, double-click the “Microsoft Database”.

 6.       Your existing profiles will be displayed. For a fresh start, delete your old, unneeded profiles by highlighting them, and clicking the “Minus” button.

 7.       Create a new profile with the “Plus” button, and create its name.

 8.       With your newly created profile still highlighted, click on the “Gear” icon and click “Set as Default”.

 9.       Quit the “Microsoft Database Utility” and restart “Outlook 2011 for Mac”.

 10.   Outlook 2011 should prompt you to fill in your account information, and will start downloading your emails from the server.



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  • Avatar
    Danny Howard

    I found it sufficient to erase the backup profiles (Step 6) without starting over on a new profile.

  • Avatar
    Zlatan Peric

    All my maps,contacts etc. are gone! What now?

  • Avatar
    Geir Kjetil Hanssen

    Thanks - this did the trick! One advice to add though is to write down all your account settings before deleting the default identity (Tools / Accounts..)

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