How do I move files between document libraries using SharePoint Workspace?


Before files can be moved between document libraries, they need to be downloaded to the local computer. Use these steps to perform the move process:

  1. Using SharePoint Workspace, navigate to the location of the folder you wish to move or copy
  2. Select all files, and click on Download Now link in the SharePoint Workspace 2010 ribbon (if they aren't already all downloaded)
  3. Wait for the files to download (this will be indicated by the successive change of icons representing file status: from Header icon, to Downloading icon, to no icon (indicating that the file has been downloaded)
  4. Right click on the folder containing files, and click on Cut (or Copy)
  5. Navigate to the target document library and locate the parent folder where you wish to paste the files
  6. Right click on the parent folder (or empty space within it), and click on Paste
  7. Wait for the sync process to move or copy the files to the destination
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