How do I add a Shared Mailbox to a distribution list that's synchronized from my Active Directory?


These steps will let you use your AD-synchronized distribution groups and also send email to Shared Mailboxes that exist purely in Office 365.

  1. Create a Contact object in your active directory. Set the email address to a unique value, fill out the Display Name property and other contact properties as required. Since this contact will be used to represent the Shared Mailbox, name it to help you identify it as such.
  2. Modify the targetAddress attribute on the newly created Contact object and set it to the email address of your Shared Mailbox. If you do not see the Attributes tab on your contact object, close the object, and make sure that Advanced is checked in the View menu of your Active Directory Users and Computers console.
  3. Add the new Contact to your AD Distribution group.
  4. Wait a few minutes to make sure changes propagate through your AD infrastructure
  5. Initiate directory synchronization, or wait for dirsync to take place on its normal schedule.

Once you complete the above steps, mail sent to the distribution list will also be delivered to the Shared Mailbox.

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    Pete Belcher

    If you set the email address to a unique value, dont the users get an NDR on that contact when they email the group?

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    Ilya Lehrman

    Hi Pete!

    Good question. No, they won't - that's the magic of targetAddress attribute. The targetAddress will take any mail sent to the contact and 'forward' it to the email address specified there - which, in this case, is a Shared Mailbox in Office 365 - so no NDRs :)

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    Hi Ilya,

    I need to have the members of a shared mailbox come from a distribution list so we don't have to constantly update members of an remote office in the shred mailbox, just the distribution list.How can I add a DL providing all the names for the members of the shared mailbox so they all get any email sent to the DL in the shared mailbox. The reason to do it this way instead of just sending to the DL is that this will create a separate folder for the email without having to provide a rule for each user to have it go there. Or is there an easier way to do that?

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