Use this web app to add and update Exchange Online External Contacts


It's taking me a while to move the app - in the meantime I've attached a simple PowerShell script and a sample CSV file you can use to add Contacts to your Global Address List in bulk. It's not as sophisticated as the app, but it'll get you started! To use the script, launch PowerShell, then do this:  .\import-bulkGALcontacts.ps1 -csvPath "c:\temp\mailcontacts.csv"

This app is temporarily unavailable - we're moving it to Windows Azure. If you need assistance with a bulk import of contacts, please create a new ticket and we'll be in touch right away!

This app uses PowerShell behind the scenes to upload and add new (or update existing) external contacts in Exchange Online. If you're not using directory synchronization with your local Active Directory for contacts management, or prefer to keep your contacts just in Exchange Online - this app is for you!


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    Simon Martin

    Hi Ilya,

    Is this app available anywhere as it's something we'd really be interested in.



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