People+ Mail Add-In for Outlook


Want to access contact details or share your contacts with others without leaving your message, switching tabs and pages, or copy-pasting text from one window to another like it's 1995?

This is the ONLY way to share contacts using Outlook Web App - and you can get it at the Office store!

Stay in your email or appointment and get access to personal contact details, email a contact to others, or attach one or more contacts to a message or appointment you've already started.

Stay productive with these features:

  • Search all your contacts
  • View contact details
  • Works while reading or composing message
  • Works in email or appointments
  • Attach multiple contacts when writing email
  • Share a contact while reading email - without leaving the message!

Check out the video walkthrough to see current functionality in action - both while composing a message and reading a message:

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    I have been trying to share an email group in Outlook and have not been successful. Can this app be used to share a group?

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    Ilya Lehrman

    Hello Heather! This functionality is currently not available - sharing is only limited to contacts.

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