Add to your Office 365 subscription!


You want to add partner information to your subscription so that we can help you address problems and manage your Office 365 infrastructure - and you get a free 45 minute consultation!

There's no extra cost to you to add us as a partner. Once you add our information, we'll be notified that you'd like us to help you manage your subscriptions, and we'll get in touch with you to see how we can be of service. By adding us as a partner, you'll get service discounts and a free 45 minute consultation on your technology needs.

Steps below will walk you through this simple process.

Sign in to the Microsoft Online Portal at and Licensing on the left-hand navigation

Click on the subscription name to get subscription details

Click on Add in the right-hand side to add partner information

Enter 1380788 in the resulting dialog box, and click on Check ID - the page will show inWorks LLC - that's us, running Click on OK to save partner information.

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